Lowell “Lody” V. Smith

Distinguished Service Recipient 2004.
Lody Smith served more than 35 years with the Nevada Division of Forestry. He is credited with significant expansion of programs, including the conservation camps, state nursery and fire districts, and was directly involved in the organization of 18 volunteer fire departments throughout the state. Lowell was primarily responsible for the development of the Nevada Firefighters Memorial and took a leadership role in the organization of the Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators, a Coalition of Federal, state, and local fire and conservation agencies. Smith was a chairman of the national Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Committee and the Woodsy Owl Conservation Committee and served on the Executive Committee of State Foresters to the Secretary of Agriculture, the National Communications Committee, and the Board of the National Association of State Forester Foundations. He served 16 years on the Marlette Lake Watershed Advisory Committee, the state Environmental Commission and the State Board of Fire Services, including two years as chair. He was extensively involved in several studies concerning various aspects of the fire service in Nevada and testified on numerous pieces of legislation with beneficial impact to the Nevada Fire Service.