Learn More about the Nevada Fallen Firefighter Memorial

“Nevada Fire Fighters currently fundraising for a statewide
Firefighter Memorial in Carson City”

In spring of 2017, the firefighters of this state were the recipients of land located on the grounds of the Capitol Complex in Carson City, Nevada, per SB 540. The purpose of the land is to construct a Firefighter Memorial, a lasting tribute to the men and women who gave their lives to protect their fellow Nevadans.

Artist Austin Weishel has been commissioned to construct the exhibit. Austin started sculpting first responders due to his interest and involvement in the police and fire service. In high school, Weishel worked as a student firefighter for the Loveland Fire Department for two and a half years; he subsequently joined Loveland’s student police program. At 18 years of age, he successfully completed one of Colorado’s Fire Academies to become a firefighter. Soon after, he became certified in First Aid, CPR and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Wild Land firefighting, HAZMAT, and numerous other certifications.

Weishel’s transformation from small pieces to life-size works garnered his first commission with the Windsor-Severance Fire Department. He sculpted a life-size fireman, named “Follow Your Heart,” at 19 years old.

Today, he continues to combine his two passions: sculpting, and firefighting. One of his monuments was created for the National Fire Dog Memorial, named “Ashes to Answers”.  It is a life-size firefighter with an arson K-9. The sculpture is located at Fire Station #2 in downtown Washington D.C. “Ashes to Answers” was commissioned by Jerry Means, an arson investigative agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI). “Ashes to Answers” won the most popular monument in Washington, D.C. hosted by The Washington Post in 2014.