Dear Friends & Colleagues,

As the year begins, I would like to reflect on the significant successes that our organization achieved in 2016. Locals and members across the entire state dedicated their time and resources to support those in their respective communities. We are proud of our members and locals for their efforts in providing students with scholarships, volunteering with food and coat drives, and launching public safety campaigns to raise awareness and save lives.

We are honored to serve with and for our communities. In partnership with the American Red Cross, we are launching the "Fire Hurts...Red Cross Helps" campaign. The campaign will launch on March 7 in southern Nevada, and on March 14 in northern Nevada. The campaign efforts focus on supporting our community members who are faced with the difficult task of rebuilding their home and lives after a house fire. Last year, American Red Cross volunteers responded to over 500 house fires and provided assistance to approximately 1,400 people in our state. It is my hope that we can come together to help even more people this year.

Lastly, I would like to officially welcome the new members of our executive board. Congratulations to Cory Whitlock, Brian Wolfgram, Tom Dunn and Ian Satterfield for your appointments and commitment to your organization. Thank you for serving and representing each professional firefighter in your district.

On behalf of the executive board, we are appreciative of the hard work that each member brings to their local and to their community. It is with dedication and teamwork that the Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada will continue to thrive. We are proud of the unwavering commitment that you make to keep your community safe and prosperous.

Angelo Aragon
Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada