• Nevada firefighters and public safety officers strongly oppose Question 3 because its a risky Constitutional Amendment that would leave Nevada consumers with higher electricity rates, fewer consumer protections, and a less reliable electricity system.
  • Not only would higher electric bills for local governments mean less funding for vital services, but Question 3 would also reduce local government revenue from fees paid by existing utilities.
  • One of the most severe consequences if Question 3 were to pass would result in the loss of an estimated $85 million in annual funding for local governments, including funding for education and public safety.
  • Electricity deregulation in other states has led to less reliable service, rolling blackouts, and spikes in customer complaints. Unreliable power for air conditioning and medical equipment would threaten the lives of seniors and those with medical conditions that depend on reliable power in their homes to operate medical equipment.
  • Question 3 jeopardizes community programs that provide assistance for the hearing and speech impaired, the Gatekeeper program that serves as a community watch program, the Green Cross Program that supports residential customers on life support and home medical equipment, and programs for seniors and the disabled that help customers avoid disconnects.