Message from the President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It has been nearly a week since the horrific and senseless act of October 1, 2017. I would like to let everyone know that the Professional Firefighters of Nevada (PFFN) along with the International Association of Firefighters and most importantly the Southern Nevada Locals of the IAFF have been working non-stop to address the needs of our members. As soon as the event happened, our Ninth District Vice President Ray Rahne along with General President Schaitberger, General Secretary Treasurer Kelley and the PFFN began planning for an immediate needs assessment meeting along with logistical planning to address what we knew was a world-wide news event. This event would take its toll not only on the 22,000 concert attendees but on all first responders, including our membership along with police, EMS providers, nurses, doctors, surgeons, hospital staff and every single citizen of Southern Nevada.

The response of all Fire, Police and EMS providers of that evening and the following day were nothing short of incredible and to call those actions heroic would be an understatement.  The Fire and EMS side of the response was led by our Clark County Firefighters who performed beyond expectations and they were supported with work just as admirable by Henderson Firefighters, Las Vegas Firefighters and North Las Vegas Firefighters.  Most incredible were the dozens of off duty fire and police personnel from around the country who were attending the concert and simply by being at the concert were drawn into action and performed as professionals do, by saving lives, minimizing damage, evacuating the injured, some sustaining injuries themselves, and all the while under a seemingly endless barrage of gunfire.  

There were 11 off duty firefighters that sustained gunshot wounds and fortunately all were survivable. Some were minor but some were career threatening and all were life altering. The most widely felt injuries, beyond the physical, are those that have taken a mental toll on our members and families, and that is what we are now focusing on.  

We continue to receive calls, e-mails and social media responses thanking our members for making a difference in the lives of so many, and offering help to our members. Our internal community of firefighters has been overwhelming in their support as well. The calls and e-mails from around the country offering help and support for our efforts here in our community have not slowed and are so much appreciated by everyone. I cannot thank the local community enough for the support they have shown to every person who responded that night.  

We are always here for our community and we will continue to be #FireFighterStrong.


Angelo Aragon
Professional Firefighters of Nevada