Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am honored to be the new President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada and proud to continue the work of those who have served before me. I am eager to share many updates to our organization as we make our way into the second half of 2020. We have no doubt all faced new challenges, hurdles, and growth opportunities during this pandemic. Together we will continue to grow and ensure that our members are heard and cared for.

Our highest priority as a board is to make sure all members are protected as we face an ever- changing economic climate. This means making sure working conditions, wages, health benefits and retirements will be secure for not only the immediate future but for generations to come. We will continue to show the community and leaders throughout the state of Nevada the value of fire fighters because no matter what is going on in our country, one true constant is the service that we provide every single day to everyone we come in contact with.

Endorsements: 2020 Primary Election

Congress: Dina Titus (CD1), Mark Amodei (CD2), Susie Lee (CD3), and Steven Horsford (CD4).

Nevada State Supreme Court: Kris Pickering (Seat B), Ozzie Fumo (Seat D).

Nevada State Court of Appeals: Bonnie Bulla.

Senate: Pat Spearman, (SD1), Moises Denis (SD2), Chris Brooks (SD3), Dina Neal (SD4), Kristee Leigh Watson (SD5), Nicole Cannizzaro (SD6), Richard Carrillo (SD7), Dallas Harris (SD11), Heidi Gansert (SD15), and Scott Hammond (SD18).

Assembly: Daniele Monroe-Moreno (AD1), Heidi Kasama (AD2), Selena Torres (AD3), Connie Munk (AD4), Brittney Miller (AD5), Shondra Summers-Armstrong (AD6), Cameron Miller (AD7), Jason Frierson (AD8), Steve Yeager (AD9), Rochelle Nguyen (AD10), Bea Duran (AD11), Susie Martinez (AD12), Tom Roberts (AD13), Maggie Carlton (AD14), Howard Watts (AD15), Russell Davis (AD16), Claire Thomas (AD17), Venicia Considine (AD18), Chris Edwards (AD19), David Orentlicher (AD20), Elaine Marzola (AD21), Melissa Hardy (AD22), Glen Leavitt (AD23), Sarah Peters (AD24), Jill Tolles (AD25), Lisa Krasner (AD26), Teresa Benitez-Thompson (AD27), Edgar Flores (AD28), Lesley Cohen (AD29), Natha Anderson (AD30), Skip Daly (AD31), Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod (AD34), Michelle Gorelow (AD35), Shea Backus (AD37), PK O’Neill (AD40), Sandra Jauregui (AD41), and Alexander Assefa (AD42).

District Court: Bita Yeager (Dept.1), Terry Coffing (Dept. 5), Jacqueline Bluth (Dept. 6), Linda Bell (Dept. 7), Trevor Atkin (Dept. 8), Cristina D. Silva (Dept. 9), Tierra Jones (Dept. 10), Elizabeth Gonzalez (Dept. 11), Michelle Leavitt (Dept. 12), Mark Denton (Dept. 13), Adriana Escobar-Chanos (Dept. 14), Joe Hardy Jr. (Dept. 15), Tim Williams (Dept. 16), Michael Villani (Dept. 17), John Hunt (Dept. 18), William Kephart (Dept. 19), Eric Johnson (Dept. 20), Susan Johnson (Dept. 22), Karl Armstrong (Dept. 23), Kathleen Delaney (Dept. 25), Gloria Sturman (Dept. 26), Nancy Allf (Dept. 27), Ron Israel (Dept. 28), David Jones (Dept. 29), Jerry Wiese (Dept. 30), Joanna Kishner (Dept. 31), and Rob Bare (Dept. 32).

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New Legislation in Effect
PFFN Car License Plates Now Available To All Professional Retired Fire Fighters:

(NRS 482.3753) This bill allows the issuance of such special license plates to any person who provides proof of retirement from employment as a professional full-time salaried firefighter after completing at least 10 years of creditable service as a firefighter in any other jurisdiction in the United States, including, without limitation, any city, county, state, territory, Indian tribe or branch of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Visit http://www.dmvnv.com/pdfforms/sp41.pdf
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